RU-DA s.r.l. Leader in current shunts manufacturing.

Almost 40 years of presence in this sector.

Thanks to CAD/CAM 2D and 3D systems, we design and produce all types of shunts using CNC machines.

RU-DA manufactures shunts for different sectors:                                 
Electrical panels, railway, marine, instrumentation, welding machines, power supplies, alternative energy, and more. 

Among the products that we typically have in stock there are:     

Shunt 0,5A  Shunt 1A  Shunt 1,5A  Shunt 2A  Shunt 2,5A  Shunt 3A

Shunt 0,5A  Shunt 1A  Shunt 1,5A  Shunt 2A  Shunt 2,5A  Shunt 3A Shunt 4A  Shunt 5A  Shunt 6A  Shunt 8A  Shunt 10A  Shunt 12A  Shunt 15A  Shunt 20A  Shunt 25A 

Shunt 30A  Shunt 40A  Shunt 50A  Shunt 60A  Shunt 75A  Shunt 80A  Shunt 100A Shunt 120A  Shunt 150A  

Shunt 200A  Shunt 250A  Shunt 300A  Shunt 350A

Shunt 400A  Shunt 500A  Shunt 600A  Shunt 700A

Shunt 750A  Shunt 800A  Shunt 1000A

Shunt 750A  Shunt 800A  Shunt 1000A

Shunt 1200A  Shunt 1300A Shunt 1500A Shunt 1600A  Shunt 1800A

Shunt 2000A  Shunt 2500A

Shunt 3000A  Shunt 3500A  Shunt 4000A  Shunt 4500A

Shunt 5000A  Shunt 6000A   Shunt 7000A

Shunt 7500A Shunt 8000A  Shunt 10000A  Shunt  12000A

Shunt 15000A Shunt 16000A Shunt 18000A Shunt 20000A Shunt 25000A


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